Total Contrast

Every issue is different

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Total Contrast.

Total Contrast is a 1/2 sometimes 1/4 per/comp zine.

What's so special about Total Contrast?
Total Contrast only has one copy per issue, every issue is completely different than the last and every copy is an original.

If you would like to order an issue of Total Contrast then here's how.
- Send me an e-mail, we'll set something up.
If you want this zine send $1 USD and a stamp (or 85 cents) to:
Austin Muir
#2 - 7275 Old Kamloops Rd
Vernon, B.C.
V1H 1X8

I will take paypal upon request. Not American? That makes 2 of us, if you are in Canada, send me a toonie, if you are from anywhere else, send me some of your cool money :)
Trades welcomed! :)

As I am running a comp zine as well as a per zine, I will need submissions. As every copy of Total Contrast is different I need A LOT of submissions. Send me ANYTHING!
Poetry (through mail or e-mail)
Pictures (Prints through mail only.)
stories (through e-mail or snail mail)
Drawings, paintings, comics any original pieces (snail mail only)
Anything else you can think of. I'll use it all.