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[March 15th, 7:03pm]

I love this idea, and I go to a weirdo boarding school of 50 odd students, who totally groove with this. If I have my way we'll all send you something.
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Update [February 28th, 7:02pm]

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Ok, just wanted to say that I am supposed to send in photography and random clippings. I havent had enough time yet, but we are moving so hopefully I can get everything together, get prints and then mail them in for you ^.^. Sorry it has taken so long -.-

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Submission Call [January 8th, 6:01pm]

Hey everyone

I'm looking for a submissions for a per/comp zine.

totalcontrast is based on the idea that every issue is hand made and completely orignal, no copies will be made of this zine, each issue will be completely original from every other issue.

I need...
Photography (via snail mail, prints only)
Poetry (via e-mail or snail mail, any format)
Short (or Long) Stories (via snail mail or e-mail)
Love Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Hate Letters (via snail mail or e-mail)
Drawings, paintings, other art of any kind (via snail mail only)
random newspaper or magzine clipings or random-ness

Anything else you can think of would be awesome!

My address is in the community info as is my e-mail, please comment with any questions.

*Pre-orders of this zine are available*

x-posted everywhere o~o sorry
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